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Buttermilk Boutique Weddings

For Life's Sweetest Moments

Our Wedding Cakes

If you’re looking for a wedding cake that is both visually stunning and tastes absolutely incredible, look no further than Buttermilk Boutique.


Our talented and experienced wedding cake designer will ensure your cake is tailor-made to suit your requirements and budget, right down to the the finest detail by taking inspiration from every aspect of your wedding.

Our wedding cakes are handcrafted using the finest ingredients, and finished with precision and meticulous attention to detail. Your wedding cake will be an amazing centerpiece that is truly as unique and memorable as your special day. 

Choosing a Flavor

Traditionally, wedding cakes have been of the classic white cake flavor, but at Buttermilk Boutique, your wedding cake can be almost any flavor you like. You can also choose a combination of flavors and fillings, which can be incorporated into multi-tiered cakes.


Our cakes can be covered in fondant, an array of buttercream styles , flavorful ganaches, and meringues, or can just be left "naked". 

Book a Wedding Cake Consultation

If you’d like to discuss your wedding cake requirements, please give us a call and book a consultation. Consultations are $50.00 each.


During your wedding cake consultation we’ll discuss colors, themes, number of guests, flowers, dresses and prices, and any other relevant information that will make the creation of your wedding cake a smooth process. We welcome ideas and suggest that our potential couples bring inspirational materials such as your invitation, magazines, pictures and color swatches.


Our wedding and celebration cakes vary in price depending on decor, flavor and number of servings.

Delivery, Set Up, and cake cutting services for wedding cakes are available for additional fees.

View some of our wedding cakes below!


Pastry display for yesterday's wedding! #GlenTIEsTheKnot
#nakedcake #cakelove...
Instagram - Chicago wedding cake for Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Scott
Instagram - Today's wedding cake for Mr. and Mrs
Chocolate meltdown with a hint of the Lambeth method (in chocolate)..
Barbie bride cake #pastrychef #cakelove
Instagram - Today's birthday cake!! #pastrychef #pastry
Seniyah's 10th bday cake before the basketball and banner decorations :) #happyEARLYbdayboo
Birthday Cake of the day!
Chevron themed birthday cake
Fancy filigree _) #cakelove #pastrychef
Vanilla mousse cake with French buttercream
Bubble guppies cake!
Meyer lemon and pistachio dacquoise
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