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Pastry Love


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Welcome to Buttermilk Boutique, L.L.C! Tie’s love of pastry can be traced back to a young age baking fresh pies, breads and cobblers with her grandmother, Angel. Their family hobby turned business idea led Tie from a career path in law to fine pastry. After losing her grandmother Angel in 2010 to cancer, she decided to focus on her life-long passion for all things pastry. She traded in her political science books for an apron, pastry bag, and one-way ticket to Boston. There she completed Boston University’s Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy. 


After spending 2 years in Massachusetts running some of Boston’s high-end bakeries and working for the top cake designer at Cakes To Remember, Tie decided it was time to go back down South. She relocated to North Carolina. In 2015, Buttermilk Boutique, LLC was born.  A boutique pastry company located in Clayton, NC that specializes in nostalgic, luxury hand-crafted pastries, cakes, and plated desserts that showcase southern flavors with breathtaking presentation and design. Desserts are adorned with local ingredients from North Carolina farmers and purveyors.


Tie has been recognized for her sweet talents with features in VoyageRaleigh, NC Agriculture Stove Side Chats, Bustld Weddings, and Our State Magazine. She was a competitor on Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games as well as NCRLA’s Chef Showdown’s 2021 Pastry Chef of the Year, and the 2019 People’s Choice Best Pastry Chef. She continues to work in several professional kitchens throughout the Triangle as well as teach baking and pastry arts classes.


You can find Tie’s desserts at Plates Neighborhood Kitchen in downtown Raleigh, NC.



Weddings & Events


Need a cake for your fairytale wedding? French macarons for a tea social? Or a dessert bar for your special event? Buttermilk Boutique is available for all your dessert needs from birthday parties to catered affairs.  We work to provide desserts that are truly as memorable and unique as your occasion.  Whatever you desire to create an unforgettable wedding, party, or event we've got you covered! 

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“Life is short. Eat dessert first.” 

- Ernestine Ulmer -

The Ingredients


Here at Buttermilk Boutique, making delectable pastries and baking is our passion. We bake daily, using only the freshest ingredients, including, but not limited to cage-free eggs, the best quality unbleached flour available, and local fruits and vegetables  to offer you the choices you want and need.  We strive to create pastries that are just as memorable as your special event. 


Contact Us / TEL: 617-938-8520

We love to hear from our fellow pastry enthusiast!

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Pastry display for yesterday's wedding! #GlenTIEsTheKnot
#nakedcake #cakelove...
Instagram - Chicago wedding cake for Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Scott
Instagram - Today's wedding cake for Mr. and Mrs
Chocolate meltdown with a hint of the Lambeth method (in chocolate)..
Barbie bride cake #pastrychef #cakelove
Instagram - Today's birthday cake!! #pastrychef #pastry
Seniyah's 10th bday cake before the basketball and banner decorations :) #happyEARLYbdayboo
Birthday Cake of the day!
Chevron themed birthday cake
Fancy filigree _) #cakelove #pastrychef
Vanilla mousse cake with French buttercream
Bubble guppies cake!
Meyer lemon and pistachio dacquoise
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